Countless times referred as the “One Man Band”, the singer, composer, producer and director of his art, C4Pedro is well-known for breaking taboos in the music industry and adopting an unconventional and daring style of singing. Pedro Henrique Lisboa Santos giving character and voice to C4Pedro, has swept multitudes off their feet with his passionate vocals, catchy beats, combining his Angolan musical roots with the influence of French and American sounds from his years spent in Belgium.

C4Pedro, joined officially the music world in 2009 with his first solo album entitled “Lágrimas”, with powerful hits like “Dá Só, Saudades e Avó” summing up the essence of a sensitive man, deeply touched by his childhood, being away from his native home and translating all these feelings into songs that many identified themselves with it. La Formiga, as he also likes to call himself because of his unstoppable work ethic, is a determined and strong willed man, full of humor and fighting spirit. His inspiration comes from simplicity. His fans are captivated by the familiarity of the situations he boldly depicts in his songs, comforting them with the known and ordinary but truly authentic, made memorable and original through his eyes. His happy, vibrant and playful energy is loved by all who come close to him in a daring, magical way.

A romantic at heart, his deep sensitivity to people’s feelings rests at the very core of his seductive sound making the ordinary sound new and enchanting. C4Pedro aka KingCkwa, is at his essence an innovator; a creator who dares to be… different.


Calor e Frio (Feat. Big Nelo) Não vou morrer Pokémon & Picachu (Feat. Ary) Te Amo Because he created you